Thursday, March 10, 2011

DIY floorboards - finished!

Our bedroom floors were finally finished after the third coat of estapol last week and Mr Crazy House fitted the new skirting boards on the weekend.

Nice and shiny.

We have quite a woop on one part of the outside wall due to removal and replacement of old stumps (before us), one of those quirks of old homes that you have to work with. The skirting board didn't sit level, so Mr CH nailed the board in place while I pushed it down a centimetre or so but not all the way to the floor or the slope would have been very noticeable. Nothing the vacuum cleaner can't handle.

Before nailing.
Quick and neat work with a nail gun.

Mr CH feeling light-headed?

The wobbly-est wall the house, one of the cons of living in a wooden house.

Skirting board fitted, you can't tell - much.

Holes puttied and painted and fumes almost gone. Had to wait 3-5 days before moving heavy furniture across the floors.

Furniture and clutter moving back in bit by bit, but you know how it is, I need to change the wall hangings around now!

Still haven't been able to start on the windows, I need at least two weeks per window to sand, scrape and re-putty because you need to wait two weeks approx. for the putty to "skin" enough to paint and we haven't been without annoying showers of rain for months. I was hoping to have them finished before winter. The neighbours down the road have had their windows out for fixing for almost a year!

Happy girl.

Approx. cost $230 for estapol(on special) sanding disks, turps, acrylic sealer and skirting boards and white paint borrowed from a tin bought for the Reno Cottage next-door.We already had the floor mop and wool pad and paint tray(aprox.$30).

Still to do - replace powerpoint covers with new ones and tackle those windows.

No pretence of style 'round here just a refuge for "old stuff".


  1. Great job, it looks fabulous! We have the same issues with our walls and skirting boards, I feel your pain. ;-)

  2. Love it! You've done such an excellent job. Wonky walls are part and parcel of the whole Queenslander package, aren't they? xx

  3. thanks honey for your visit! What an amazing job on the floors!! truly, it is a huge effort that i wouldnt even contemplate by myself, so well, done, give yourself a huge pat on the back!!
    laura xxx

  4. whoops, that was on my sons computer i didnt realise he had a google account under his name!! that last one was from me!!

  5. Hi Simmone
    Your floors looking amazing! I was trying to figure out what sort of timber it was? I sanded and coated the floors on an old Queenslander we had (a few years ago) and I know what a big job it is. Mine were wobbly as well and I used heaps of No More Gaps trying to plug up the spaces between the boards!
    Thanks for visting today and for you lovely comments about my Vege Garden inspiration. Hope you are enjoying your weekend - still raining here! ;)Sharyne

  6. Hi Sharyne,our floors are just pine tongue and groove.I think they look dark from years of being uncovered before lino.Thats why I had to stain the few boards that we replaced.There seems to be a variety in colours between all the boards.

  7. Not bad, the rustic look works fine with the overall look of the room, especially when you guys made some signs of wear in the right places. All in all, the labor was totally worth it!

  8. I love how shiny the hardwood flours are.


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