Thursday, March 24, 2011

$10 bought me...

from my favourite op-shop, a pretty hand-embroidered tablecloth 1x1 mt, a retro thermos( I feel like a picnic now), and some pretty plates to add to the collection. I haven't been on the hunt much lately and have missed the thrill of looking. Half of the pleasure is in the"possibility".

Sometimes I think the older plates are much nicer.
Each special in a mis-matched way.

A few weeks ago I found another pretty tablecloth and some '60's napkin rings. Don't ask why I bought those I just liked the colour and the idea of keeping an eye-out for others to collect.

At the collectable/antique fair they were asking $1 each for these vintage spools. I was happy to get mine for $1.50/dozen from the op-shop. Mum had given me a few of her old ones years ago.

I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the shrub from which these pretty coral-coloured flowers come from? A lovely friend brought them over on a visit recently and she can't remember the name, something long. It's in flower at the moment and is notoriously difficult to propagate. Sorry not a very good photo but the colour is true.

I'm enjoying the flowers of our beautiful tibouchina at the moment, what an amazing shade of purple.

Gaura lindenhimerie flowering also.
Floating butterflies.

This little fellow gave me a fright when he wandered in downstairs but I scared him in reaching for the camera. A baby bush/brush turkey. The parents have frustrated me no end by relocating whole garden beds across the grass and causing erosion of topsoil. They are protected native birds but I don't stop Penny-dog scaring them away, she loves to chase them into the tree-tops.

Don't they have big ear-holes?

The front of the reno cottage next-door has had some of the windows removed for repair and repainting. It's a tag team kind of job, Mr Crazy House mostly gets them ready for me to paint, I undercoat, he putties and sets the glass and I paint.
Coloured glass nice and expensive to get re-cut so every piece is carefully removed and stored.

Glass out and scraped and cleaned with turps.

Some windows repaired and getting an undercoat.

A bit tedious and back breaking but they look great finished!

Yes, it's Friday night and I'm finishing a blogpost I started this afternoon.
You know your getting old when your idea of a good time is a night in! Well I'm off to the markets tomorrow to find some plants to re-stock our garden after all this rain killed off some plants.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. What lovely finds you have had this week. I love all the colours of those spools lined up together, almost too pretty to use. Can't help you with that flower name but agree the colour is delicious, almost a bit watermelon. Enjoy your gardening weekend.

  2. Great finds..I have the same little rose saucer:) Did you have any luck at the market this morning? Tam x

  3. I got a butterfly bush that I've been wanting for so long, now I just have to dig out the dead Cardwell bush and I got a white justicia/jacobina and some others that I can't remember the names of. Lots of digging to do.

  4. Gosh everything with renovating is tedious isn't it?! But those windows will look sensational when you've finished with them. Love the flowers. Tibouchina's are the best shade of purple I agree.
    That $10 went a long way!!


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