Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a boy thing!

They are in the wars again.
With three(four) boys in the Crazy House I have learnt never to gasp! at injuries. So, arriving at school to find #3 son looking like this I hardly missed a beat. Quietly asking "What happened to you?" stirs no tears until an Aid pipes-up with "I think he might need stitches". Wouldn't you think some people working with small children would be more tactful in front of an injured child. Tears started to well until I said "you'll be right, it's all blood and no bite!"
After being accidentally shoved into a wall by a larger kid running around a corner #3 son had blood all over his shirt,hat,hand etc.
I won't show any gruesome pics(which brother took anyway).
After 70 mins at the doctors, promising not to wet his head for a few days and getting superglued back together, all ended well with a few jelly beans and his relief at avoiding stitches ( inspite of missing his swimming lesson at school).
Needless to say, a few days later Dad plonked him on the (repaired) go-cart and said it was time he learnt to ride it by himself. No helmet or shoes and look how thrilled he was. Boys!!

You might remember somewhere I mentioned Mr CH had decided to take up a new sport after the broken ankle incident. Kitesurfing.
After months of rain and deciding that drying-out his kite under the house was a bit on the inconvenient side, he has been eager to get back to the beach.

Resorting to stealing an hour after work to test out his (kids) new land-board to ride up and down the sand. And not being well practiced of late, fell off when he couldn't stop (duh!) and hurt his ribs and winded himself( and bruised his ego).
So after a week of discomfort he went off to the doctors who then said that he might have cracked a few ribs!! He went for an x-ray yesterday and won't know until the doctor checks the film.

At least #2 son has been having a ball learning how to handle a training kite.

On the bright side the brushes for the mitre saw have arrived. $3.50 parts instead of a $300-$400 new saw, very happy. Now I just need someone who is not injured to cut and fit a few new floorboards so I can get on with finishing the bedroom floor.
I want my bed back!!!

one new part old parts
Roll on weekend !!

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  1. Ouch, poor things, they both must be terrible sore. Hope they get a bit of rest over the weekend..well after the few new floorboards that is :)


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