Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cutting a new doorway.

Can't turn my back for a moment!

While I've been stuck washing and baking Mr CH has been demolishing without me!

Bed 2 before.

Ok it's only a doorway, but still.
I just noticed the difference in these two pics before and after the house stumping was done, it looks strange, one down and one up.

By the time I came over to check-out the noise, Mr CH had removed the tongue and groove boards from the wall ( to be used for patch-up jobs later). He had started cutting through the hardwood supports with our favorite tool. A battery-powered saw.

Perfect for sawing at waist height.

And for sawing above your head. Hee hee!

A famous Australian actor recently quipped"You know what they call wood in Australia?- hardwood!"
The only problem with hardwood is, it gets harder with age which makes it difficult to cut or remove. That and the two to three inch nails holding everything together! These houses were built to last.

Mr CH wobbled that piece for so long that he took a "cuppa break" in between.

Got there!(and caught his breath out of sight)

It's only a doorway but it's still nice to make a change so that this house feels like ours instead of someone else's dump.
We are all enjoying the novelty ofwalking through two doorways at the moment.

Only problem, Mr CH has that taste for demolishing again and is looking for something else now. He just grins and says" You have to make a mess to get rid of one".


  1. Oh it sounds like our place... That hardwood is everywhere here as well. Great breakthrough with the door. Must tell hubby about that saw! ;-)

  2. You'll probably think Im insane but im so envious, once you catch the renovation bug its very hard to get rid of it isn't it, we've done all our renos ourself too with the occasional help from a builder friend. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Megan xx


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