Friday, February 4, 2011

Creating a hideaway..

... for Mum and Dad to escape for a cuppa and a chat. 
It's amazing what some weeding, mowing and a whole lot of rain can do.
After the fence was erected  and the ground cleared of weeds we set to work to lay a small paved pad for a few chairs.

We decided to move the fenceline a few metres into the reno cottage yard for me to expand our garden and to create a little spot to hide from the kids.
Plants were transplanted (a hibiscus,pentas,blue sapphire,geraniums-pelagoniums,wormwood, crocosmia bulbs-monbretia) and planted (pachy stachys,cats whiskers,erigeron,purple perennial verbena,miniature gardenia, shasta daisy,dianthus,thyme,azalea, summer love and fast-growing perennial salvias.

Add a ridiculious amount of rain throughout Winter, Spring and Summer and you get an almost instant garden.

Front of reno cottage before.
Front of reno cottage now looking good.


  1. Wow I love how you created that seating area. It looks so peaceful

  2. It's a great spot, at the moment there is a canopy of crepe myrtle flowers above.We could spend way too much time here!

  3. The seating area is fantastic, and the garden transformation is huge. You see all that rain wasn't so bad afterall! Definitely speedy results. I always think the garden forms a big part of first impressions about a house, and as they can take awhile to get established, is a good idea to get onto first with the reno process.


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