Sunday, February 27, 2011

A busy week - get cracking!

Lots to do as usual and with Mr CH still on "light duties" I decided to start a few jobs I can do on my own.

Last week I was busy painting windows for the reno cottage and skirting boards for our bedroom.

These old school chairs were offered to us on their way to a country dump. While in shabby condition they are a perfect fit for the old school desk in no.3 sons room. The recent wet weather had them coated with mould so I thought now or never!

A good sand and a bit of filler in the veneer, and removal of some graffiti (primary school style).

How sweet back-to-front s's.

Me and ?

I almost caved in after sanding, thinking I can't paint wood!

A bit of undercoat, but I've changed my mind on that green( leftovers) not dark enough for a boy!
Have to get some new paint.

Need to finish this in green as well.

At least the undercoating is done.

My mirror from the op/thrift shop got a light sand and a shellac-ing as well.

What is shellac?

Beetle poo in flake form mixed with methylated spirits(denatured alcohol).
So easy to use.

I only wiped on four coats so it wouldn't be too shiny.

Just needs a couple of screws and wire (or chain) to hang, it's pretty heavy! Sorry not a very good photo.
Another vintage mirror to reflect some light.

I started work coating the bedroom floor on the weekend - one coat a day.

But now I have to go sugar soap stuff while I wait.

Until then

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  1. Wow you have been busy well done! Its so nice to see the age in the timber. Everything is to new these days. Have fun, Lisa


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