Monday, January 31, 2011

Yes, the walls are blue!

Towards the end of the summer holidays I usually start panicking!

Where did the holidays go? I was going to do this and this! What have I been doing? The main computer was being naughty and Mr CH was in the process of wiping it and reloading programs so I had nothing to do but follow the trail of mould around the house with sponge and bucket. We have never had a mould problem until this recent rain, not even in the bathroom, thanks to 11 foot ceilings. I thought if I had to wash the walls I might as well make a really good mess first. So I decided to sand our bedroom floors a few days before school resumed.

Since returning from our "country hiatus" the floors have been bare floorboards after I decided I was not going to live with the psychedelic carpet a moment longer. We had been in two minds about carpet vs bare floorboards.

So I thought" Mr Crazy House was back at work, this is the kind of job I could probably manage myself". These old floorboards have been eaten here and there by borers and I was going to gently sand them with the orbital sander to remove years of grime and try not to dig down into the eaten wood too far. We decided that we weren't going to replace these boards with newies as we had seen the results of a similar attempt in a friend's Queenslander and didn't mind the look.

The hall and lounge have suffered the same degree of damage and a previous owner had replaced the eaten pine boards with odd pieces of hardwood, so there were enough boards to replace as it was. Hallways in old Queenslanders were often painted or stained where the hall runner didn't reach, this one has stain and glue. Mr CH had been putting off this job for as long as possible so I thought he needed a nudge.

Hardwood boards under the wardrobe .

If I can just get the furniture out and start sanding he might join in.

We seem to do an awful lot of moving furniture around here!

So the dressing table is now in the lounge room, the lowboy is in the dining room, the side tables and chairs are on the veranda and in the lounge room, half of the bed is on the veranda and we are camping on the other half in the "sitting room" (well, that's what I call it although it doesn't have any chairs to sit on, only homeless furniture). But nobody wants to help move the wardrobe! It took three removalist guys to get it in here. We(the males) tend to use the "drag on rag" method of furniture moving around here, good for movers who succumb to" fits of the giggles" at inappropriate moments (too much grunting).

After a few hours(6) of sanding over two days and Mr CH obligingly ripping up the hardwood boards (he does like a bit of demolishing) and chiselling out the quad for new skirting boards, the drop saw decided to be naughty. It decided it wasn't going to cut straight. So work has come to a grinding halt while we wait for new "brushes". Lost in the flood drama, had to be ordered again,won't be here for another week! Groan,groan!!

The previous skirtingboards were quad.

Look after your sash windows or someone will pull them out and put in casement windows and it will look ugly like this!

Hide that patch behind a curtain!

Window painting seems to be my job around here, that's why this is not done!
No point starting if there's a cyclone out there.

Well, I found two mirrors in an op-shop and had to photograph them in here as there is too much crap!!(pardon me) everywhere else at the moment. Two for $23 you can never have too many mirrors, one looks like it is from an old dressing table, I thought I might, might umm, re-shellac them! lol (I'm weak I just can't paint them)

Now that it's back to school this dog won't leave me alone!

I battled the book covering (I think I won?) now I just need to face rooms like this and that's the good side. How did the littlest kid end up with the biggest room?

P.S I had to take his chairs away they were covered in mould,Yuk!

See ya later



  1. Wow, what a very huge job you have started!!! But very exciting nevertheless!! I cant wait to see how the renovations go! My youngest starts back to school tomorrow - looking forward to it but i have kind of gotten used to having him around so i am going to miss him !
    Laura x

  2. Looks like a lot of work ahead, but wellworth it in the end. We have all floorboards with no carpet at all. Seems to suit the sensitive nose in the family!

  3. Hiya, the floorboards are looking great. We have bare floorboards in bedrooms and a rug in the living rooms and hall runner. Its easier to clean and not really that cold etc considering we live near Canberra. Good luck with the renovations.

    I love your beautiful casement windows by the way, so pretty.

    Thanks for popping over, Tamara


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