Monday, January 3, 2011

Super ugly sideboard restoration.

This is what came home with us after I took Mr Crazy House on an op-shop visit!

He rather likes furniture with"curves". And He usually doesn't care about what kind of furniture we have in our home, prefering the"electic" style of home decor.( Well it's bound to be electic when most things come from an op-shop!) So when he sees something he likes I'm usually so amazed we just get it.

It's a bit risky buying a piece of plywood furniture without being able to tell what kind of veneer it is because it's been painted over. But when the invincible Mr CH says he can mend it I want to believe him. We thought the sideboard would make a good T.V stand and although it was expensive for an op-shop piece it was still heaps cheaper than a new T.V cupboard.

Mr CH patched-up the broken ply on the base and glued and nailed the decorative feet on straight.

I did initially think it was painted with a tinted shellac and set to work with the metho and fine steel wool. Ok, it wasn't shellac and it wasn't coming off, but I didn't want to risk sanding and damaging the veneer so I persisted. Apparently there is a product on the market to remove wax,paint etc from furniture but I just didn't have any on me. Once I started I was keen to get it finished because we had just moved the lounge around so Mr CH could cut a hole in the floor( but thats another story).

A hint of walnut veneer peeking through. I stained the plywood sides and the green shelf with a black stain from Feast and Watson.

And ta-da the finished piece!

Well that's as finished as it's getting - only 10 coats of shellac. I absolutely love using shellac, it's such a forgiving medium. You can apply many coats in one day, because in good drying weather one coat can be dry in 15 mins. I use a "mouse"(cottonball wrapped in a soft cloth) to wipe the shellac on. Once you've tried it you won't want to use varnish again, no brushes to wash.

Lovely "waterfall" style front.

I've put the handles back on while I keep an eye out for some older looking ones.
Now I just need the floors in the lounge polished and to swap that overweight T.V for a skinny one!
One project finished, more to do!



  1. Oh wow. I love it. Good on you for persevering with it!

  2. I've got to stop "acquiring" veneer furniture, I'm getting shellac'ers elbow,I'm itching to paint something!

  3. Great job Simmone, it's a beautiful piece. Amber


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