Saturday, January 29, 2011

New-fashion flowers for an old Frog.

My gypsy sister who is living in Tasmania (at the moment) sent me some lovely flowers for my recent Birthday, via Interflora.

Mr Crazy House doesn't often buy me flowers as he knows I secretly prefer a plant for the garden instead.

So I was a little surprised at the colour and size of these flowers.

The biggest vase I have, was kindly given to me years ago by my Mum-in-law and somehow didn't seem big enough.

It has one of those "Frogs" inside it, to support the flowers for "proper" flower arranging.
Unfortunately the stems of flowers often sold nowdays have such thick stems and won't fit an old-fashioned vase frog.

Which I discovered after 15 mins trying! Also after a previous 10 mins unwrapping 3 layers of pretty textured paper wrapped in cello,ties,tape and ribbon. Phew!!

So I gave up trying to artfully arrange them and just settled for having them facing forwards-ish.

Who would have thought getting a bunch of flowers could be so exhausting! lol

Striking Proteas.

Bright,bright Gerbras.

Sticky-centred Sunflowers.

I loved the Liliums best, would love these in the garden.
Gentle perfume.

Thankyou gypsy sister for my lovely flowers.XX

Gypsy sister at Yosemite National Park.

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