Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A few flood photos.

What a horrible time for many Queenslanders!
I really can't watch anymore news at the moment. Not only are Aussies suffering, but now Brazil has suffered a major disaster, 640+ people lost.
Not a nice start to the new year, too much saddness.
Mr Crazy House has been on holidays and therefore I have seen a ridiculous amount of morning news(which I normally don't watch).
Flooding in our area was not bad, we have seen worse. Thankfully the sun has been out for a few days and inspite of the storms things are drying out a bit.


When the going gets tough, the tough go sightseeing!(along with everyone else)
Where Penny and I go walking, soon to be under water.


The skatebowl became a pool.

Usually the path looks like this.

Rising waters.

And totally under water 3/4 hour later.
A local main street flooding .
In the past the water has reached halfway up the large white building.

An RSL club.

Carpark going under water.

Bridge flooding near Woolworths.

Someone's BMW.

No 2 son standing under the large white building 3/4 hour before the bridge above flooded.
Yikes !!!


Two bridges within 200m of each other. Both flooded.


For a few hours no 1 son thought he was going to have to sleep at work as all roads home were flooded. However the waters couldn't stay that high for long.

Hopefully the clean up across Australia (and in Brazil) won't take too long and maybe the tears will lessen as time goes by.
Take care


  1. Hi simmone, just found your lovely blog. Your pictures are just devastating, the whole thing is just awful, glad that you are safe though..
    look forward to seeing your renovations !
    laura c xx

  2. Hi Laura,we lost a lot of topsoil down the hill but then gained our neighbour's soil from up the hill.So glad our house wasn't flooded.I thought the pics weren't too bad only a 4mt approx rise in water.

  3. I am glad to hear that your home was not flooded Simmone! Something like this can really devastate homes and cause a lot of damage! Count your blessings!


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