Friday, December 31, 2010

The Plan.

Ok, back to the reno cottage.

Things are moving along well, and these photos are retrospective thank goodness, everything possible has long gone to the dump, including these disgusting cupboards from the kitchen! Yuk!

The linen cupboard has been removed to give the kitchen as much extra space as possible.

A fridge will need to go here as there is no where else.

The floor tiles have been carefully prised-off with the aid of turps. I didn't know this until recently, but even lino flooring can contain asbestos. We were uncertain if this was true in our case so precautions were taken just in case. That was one sticky disgusting job!

The kitchen walls have been a patchy mix of old fibro, painted over laminate, masonite and new fibro. The idea is to leave the old fibro in place as it is still intact.Thus saving extra expense.

The kitchen was orginally accessed through the dining room which was also the backdoor onto the open veranda. An opening for the stove between the dining room and kitchen has also been closed over with recycled boards.

The Plan

As you can see it's only a tiny cottage. We have decided to move the bedrooms to the other side of the house. Mainly to get living spaces (and T.V noise) away from our bedroom side and also the north facing side will let more light and breezes into the lounge/dining spaces and hopefully make the space nicer and appear larger than it is.

The idea is to enlarge the doorway between the new lounge/dinning area and add basic fretwork and a picture rail in the first room to visually lower the ceiling. We are going to move the doorway into the kitchen to enter from the new living room. The kitchen needs more bench space. We have also thought about adding a wall and door to one end of the veranda at the front to create a study or small third bedroom.

The aim is to retain a Queensland cottage feel and give this poor old girl some colour after being dirty cream and white for so long, but while remembering that it will be a rental property for a while at least.

At the moment it's one day at a time ,so we'll see how we go.
Until next time S


  1. Wow this is a lot of work. I can fully appreciate how much! I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the progress though. Wishing you a happy new year. Your friend in asbestos and renovation 'to do' list up to the ears! Sonia :)

  2. It's looks like the house has a good aspect. Can't wait to read more of your adventures this year. xx

  3. Hi Simmone, thanks for commenting on my blog last year. I have added your blog to my list and look forward to reading more this year.

  4. What can I say,Yes we live to renovate(have no life!),all the houses in our neighbourhood enjoy excellent breezes and I also wish I had more hours in the day to leave fellow bloggers the wonderful comments they leave me.Very inspiring. Thanks so much everyone. S

  5. I have just found your blog and am your newest follower, i also have a new blog so please visit sometime and maybe you too can follow me and i'll send inspiration your way. Have a great week!

  6. Wow, thanks for following,I honestly never thought anyone would follow this blog with it's very "uninspiring" pics.Send plenty inspiration this way!


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