Saturday, December 4, 2010

Once upon a time...

...there was a family that was terrorized by a fire-breathing dragon, so they left for a distant kingdom where the land was hostile and the water strange. For three years they lived in this land of hot and cold, with dust and flies. The children made friends and lived (some-what) happily.

Until the neighbouring landholders of the fire-breathing dragon defeated it (and sent it packing), the family could now return to their castle.
But their gallant son was required to accompany a fair maiden to the ball.

So he took his mother back to this hostile land for five days. The son drove the carriage and they braved the hazardous journey for four and one half hours.

The maiden was fair and her dress beautiful, the son was handsom and dressed to please.
(inspite of sunburn from water-skiing)

The handsom son whisked the fair maiden away to the ball for a night of feasting and dancing.

While his mother waited patiently in her gilded cage(in the rain) for the day she could return to own kingdom and her one true love. She took solace in the company of Meryl, Alec and Steve and Orlando and Johnny(and a few kangaroos).

She also visited a strange woman in an old shop with misty windows and rickety steps to brave the cobwebs and layers of red dust. Here she searched amongst the old wares and dug through boxes to find treasures to take back to her castle.

If her carriage wasn't already full she would have greedily taken more.

Eventually she could return, where her one true love showered her with kisses (and a sink of dirty dishes) and they lived happily ever after.


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