Sunday, December 26, 2010

I can't stand the rain!

I can't remember the song or who sung it, but I just can't get that annoying line out of my head.
It must be a lack of vitamin D.
So much for "beautiful one day, perfect the next". We Queenslanders aren't supposed to live without sunshine, it's just not normal! Is anyone else feeling ripped-off?
Life in the Crazy House is starting to get a little depressing. Mr CH is watching the cricket in a kind of dull stupor, the scooter boys can't scoot and have taken up indoor wrestling, the terrible teens have had enough of family get-togethers and gone for sleep-overs. Sandpaper is too damp to do it's job and mould is growing on the ceiling of the reno cottage,Yuk!
My walk-through laundry is looking like a shanty-town with "do not tumble dry"clothing hung from every available hanger. All undercover clotheslines are full because even in this wet weather I just can't bring myself to put wet clothing straight in the dryer (the kids eat enough electricity for all of us).
And outside is so soggy that the dog has discovered the veranda (above my car)makes a perfectly dry potty!
Ok, that's enough whinging!

So,we've just had our wettest December in 150 years, at least we haven't had earthquakes like New Zealand. Hope everyone there is ok.
Queensland has had 600mm+ in December on top of 550+ mm in the last 3 months, this time last year we were on water restrictions,crazy.
So a drive to a dam to see what all the fuss was about might waste some time.

I'm such a good girl in the car.

Pouring rain and bare-footed squelching.

Awe inspiring power of water
overflowing the dam walls.

The boys were quite speechless (it didn't last).

It seemed as other people had the same idea with cars coming to see the sight.
The BBQ area was deserted, and the boys said "pity we didn't have sauseages".Now the both the kids and the dog smell like a wet blanket! If it doesn't fine up soon, we will grow ducky feet!
Stay dry if you can.


  1. Cabin fever has well and truly settled in here too - lets hope for a sunny day soon (like tomorrow!), cheers x

  2. Is that sunshine peeking through?Very thankful we don't have a metre or so of water through our home,those poor people!Which to choose taming the backyard jungle or washing?


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