Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy thrifty/vintage finds for 2010.

After a 2009 spent settling back into our home in a larger town and dealing with the trials of our children changing schools and making new friends and finding old ones, Mr Crazy House breaking his ankle in the middle of tiling the downstairs floors and the ensuing months of recovery.
For me 2010 was a year for indulging in the thrill of access to op-shops again after three years in exile. The thought of finding something interesting for next-to-nothing (and sometimes not) must be part of the appeal, that and the habbit of giving different pieces of furniture a "mental" makeover. Anyway, I thought I would share some pics of pre-loved things that came to live with us this year.
Last week I found these lovely botanical prints in my favorite op-shop for $3 each, they are quite large at 40x50cms. I quite like the pinkness. Was I right to have left another two matching prints with orange hibicus flowers behind? That would have been 4 pictures for $12,bargain.

Artist -Peter Longhurst 1972/73

I love this pretty picture of Swan Lake from the 60's I think.

This little bowl I found at a collectible fair - cloisonne style made of brass and enamel.

I like this swan bowl(planter)

A Johnson and bros. plate, little cream jug and vintage salt and pepper shakers for $4.50 from an op-shop.

I bought this oil painting for the lovely old frame. Once again I left a matching painting by the same artist behind.

This is one of my favorites, the tag said it was an old resturant table lamp from the 1930's/40's. found in my favorite op-shop. It probably goes with nothing in my house but I'm keepin' it! So Gone with the Wind style.

Another swan to keep the others company and a cute trinket box $1.50 for both. I can just hear Mr CH "dust collectors".

A rose candleholder from the 50's/60's.

This picture I bought for the frame and I don't know why because it's nothing special. I didn't take a photo before I painted it black so this is what it kinda looked like peach with a wrapping paper picture cut to fit.

But underneath I found an old photo of a German town -Tubingen vom Oesterberg by a fellow named L.Schaller. So I tried to find out something about the man or the town. Ludwig Schaller seems to have been a photographer of German landscapes and architecture about a 100 years ago and thats about all I know.

If you notice the land in the right corner of the picture has no buildings and modern pictures of this same town from this same vantage point have this same area completely filled with buildings now. I guess this confirms the photo was taken many years ago.
Mr CH really liked the picture and joked with #2 and #3 sons that Mum found a rare $5000 photo, so the kids began naming all the things they would buy with $5000 lol, out of the mouths of babes.

A family can never have enough coathangers-$2 for 5 and if you're lucky you might get a funky woven plastic one from the 1960's.

I bought this little veneer table for #3 son's bedside table, just small enough it can't hold too much junk!

A few vintage rose tins to remind all the males in this house that girls live here too!

Well I like it!
I don't think anyone else likes their smalls on show for all the world to see.Vintage washing basket for the bathroom's endless pile of washing,1970's maybe?

And you've seen these before, another vintage rose tin, a plaster ship to match one I have that belonged to my Nan and an enamel candelholder in pink!

and another distressed cupboard to match it's distressed owner, no only joking.

Looking back at all these new/old goodies (and there were a few more) I can't believe they are all from this year. I am one blessed girl. I hope everyone has gotten as much pleasure from their new/old goodies as I have.

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  1. Gosh, you have some lovely finds there! I have tagged you in a game of "Things to Know", cheers x


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