Friday, September 17, 2010

We've been tagged!

This is what happens when you buy a house before you know what you're going to do with it.
Lucky the house was already trashed.

So we had to leave town for a few years for Mr Crazy House's job (400+kms away) and on a visit home for the holidays got chatting with the owner of the cottage. We found out he had an ad in the local newspapper the next day to sell the house, so we made an offer then and there and he said yes. Now we just needed the bank to say yes. Risky business!

So then we had to suffer through the dozen people that turned up the next day hoping no-one would make him a better offer. Not an easy thing to do when would-be developers turned up and loudly started making plans that involved not only that house, but our house as well!

The settlement of the property went through while we were away and the house was empty for a year after purchase. During that time teenage friends of the former tenant broke in (not hard to do) and tagged every room, even the toilet seat.

How do we know who did it, because they were busted coming out the front door by our brother who promptly told them off. They got such a fright. Lol

Can you imagine being bothered to write the same thing over and over and over.

We weren't really bothered because every surface needed a make-over anyway.
Although we did board-up some windows.

Let's hope it all get covered by paint!

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