Friday, September 17, 2010

Felling a tree,grinding a stump and building a fence.

So, we need a fence to keep out the deliquents!

The first available school holidays had to be spent building a 6" high fence. But first we needed to remove a large messy umbrella tree growing on the fence line, weeds and a rusty wire fence.

Requirements- one Dad with chainsaw and a trusty old mazda/volvo ute or as we like to call it "The Volda".

The supervisors Jay and Daisy.

Discussing what?

And pull.

Stump grinding with a "Toy" from the hire shop. Having fun? Note the safety goggles and Aussie workboots of choice!

Really loud and spitting chips.

Don't you just love quick-set cement.
We had to hire the nailgun for this job as K&K went on holidays (again!).

As this was a quick job we fenced accross the driveway and personal gates so there was no access from outside. To be modified later on.
Apparently Dad let the boys have a go with the nailgun!
After Mum had left the scene.

Our neighbour works at the hospital and has seen many (men) with nails through various body parts,one guy three times, how do you nail your own thumb?

Looking good.
We chose fancy top pailings to go with our end of the fence which were more expensive, but by building the fence ourselves we spent $70 a metre compared to $100-$150 to hire a contractor to install one.

We chose to rebate the stringers to expose the posts on the faceside of the fence and routed each corner of each post for decorative effect.


Nailgun and nails-$86 with nails to spare.

Total so far $1125

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  1. If you recently cut down a tree and are looking to remove the stump for a low cost you can rent a tree stump remover for the day and chop up all of the stumps get a stump grinder.


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