Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who was Bessie Pease Gutmann?

I was going to gross you out with interior pictures of the reno cottage, but I"m a bit over ugly at the moment. So I thought I would share some pics of the frame I bought at the antique and collectable fair recently.
The fair is held about five times a year and dealers and collectors come from hundreds of km's away. And it's only a stone's throw away from home, this goes some way to make up for the lack of good thrift shops in town.

I'd just about made my way through all one hundred and fifty stalls and decided I was going home without any new pictures for the walls when I found a shellac frame in good enough nick to hang right away and the pic of kookaburras wasn't too bad. The kind of picture nanna would cut from a calendar.

I got home with my booty and waited until Mr Crazy House was downstairs. I needed to give this frame a clean before he took a closer look as I had spied insect dropping in the torn paper backing and thought maybe I had bought some Borer infested bit of rubbish ( the dealer was a bit of a worry).

So I'd pulled it apart ,cleaned the glass and was putting it back together when I saw a picture of a lady on the backing card, painted watercolour style. The picture was titled "Sweetheart". She was a bit water damaged across the shoulder but still lovely.

Beneath the picture was 155 copyright Gutmann and Gutmann.N.Y , Sweetheart and the name Bessie Pease Gutmann in a heart shape.

Don't you just love what you can find out on the internet.

Bessie Pease Gutmann was an American artist,B 1876-D 1960, who has approx. six hundred paintings and drawings to her credit. After graduating from art college she took commissions for portraits and illustrated newspaper adverts. She began working at Gutmann and Gutmann in the early 1900's and married Hellmutt Gutmann, they had three children who became her inspiration.

Picture source; the gavel.com
During the 1920's she became the most well-known female artist of her time. She illustrated books for Lewis Carroll and Robert Louis Stevenson amongst others. Her illustration have graced the covers of magazines, postcards, and calendars, but is best known for her paintings of children.

Print source: unsure

Bessie retired from painting in 1947 due to failing eyesight, her husband died the following year. In 1949 the Gutmann business was sold.

Below are two of Bessie's more well-known prints.

In Disgrace

A Little bit of Heaven

Print source: unsure

Below is the only picture I could find that looks a bit like my print.

My Darling

Print source;allposters.it

Judging by the torn paper backing, the frame and the print belong to one another. Goodness knows how long this lady has been hidden and how did she get down here in Oz?

Now all I need is a frame for the kookaburras!


  1. What a wonderful treasure to find,Did you ever get that extra frame?


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