Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cottage renovation for $10 000


Looks soooo welcoming doesn't it. No that isn't a cat door, it's just a hole in the front door. You might welcome the wrong kind of people with those boarded-up windows.
So, the challenge we have set for ourselves is to renovate this small two bedroom plus sleepout cottage for $10 000 au.

The To-do list

Re-plumbing (materials only, not labour)

Re-wiring (materials only, not labour)

New kitchen and bathroom

Repair and re-glass 14 multi-paned windows

New window awnings

Sand and re-polish floorboards

Paint inside and out

New front fence

Add wall in laundry

Move one wall

Connect hot water system

Fix meter box for power

Can it be done?

This is the front "garden" and front gates.


Underneath the front of the house.

This is actually the remnants of a camp where a couple lived! True! In the dirt sleeping on a matress for two weeks.Yuk!!! Friends of the former tenant.

What kind of stingy landlord rents a house with a 50 litre hot water system. Do they make them that small? Realy gross plumbing drain.
Lots of broken glass, cigarette butts and two syringes.

 We took three ute loads of rubbish to the dump.
Old carpets, gutters, wood,a tractor tyre, car tyres, pipes, boxes, clothing, toys, a drum.
It wasn't so bad outside really, it just needed it's first clean-up in five years.

Next post you get to see inside.


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