Thursday, June 3, 2010

Come on in!

Yes, not a great first impression!
A tractor tyre next to the front stairs and a broken front door.

Enclosed front veranda- north end.
Six broken windows up this end.
These windows slide open on runners.
Veranda- south end.
Three broken windows and one T.V for the dump.

So many broken windows.

The lounge room.
No camera fault, the floor really does sag that much

Lounge south wall fibro replacement.

Lounge looking into bedroom two (front bedroom).

Bedroom two.

Bed two looking into lounge.

The"what the" shelf, dining room.

Dining into kitchen.
Walls and saggy floor and missing stick-on tiles on the kitchen floor.

Bed one (back bedroom) looking into dining room.

Bedroom one, boarded-up window with the bathroom on the otherside.
Before plumbing came to Queensland in the late 1960's, you took a bath in a small tub on the kitchen floor in front of the woodstove, and went to the loo in the "thunder box"(outhouse) down the backyard. Glad those days are over!

The undenialable stench of grease, urine and something like vomit hits hard the moment you dare to enter the kitchen at the back of the house. A smell that assults the senses from the front door.
I can't imagine cooking anything worth eating in this kitchen. YUK!!
We couldn't decide if it was grease or cockroach poo all down the sides of the cupboards or what was left of them.
Cleaning products on the sink left by the landlord, who was a DOCTOR would you believe!
I'm glad we don't get sick too often.

Stick-on tiles on the kitchen floor. How would you keep that floor clean?

Well what can I say about the bathroom?
Patched urine soaked floorboards, BIG rats nest behind the bath in that hole, holes in the door, falling apart vanity unit, broken glass window that doesn't shut.

More yuk

Note the lovely hygenic floors and very mouldy peeling ceiling and the gaffa tape door-jam.
Not really looking forward to starting this bit!
In the words of Dad Baker (Cheaper by the dozen)
"What a nightmare!"


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